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There are a LOT of affiliate marketing training courses and resources out there – if you’ve been trying to learn about affiliate marketing you’ll already know this 🙂

To help you decide which is the best for you, this is my review of Affilorama.

My Video Review


Anyone who has been trying to generate an income online for a while will tell you that most of the ‘make money online’ courses and trainings being sold are just rehashed, untested theories that DO NOT work.

Finding a legitimate program to follow is like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

Finding a legitimate program that lasts the test of time is even more difficult.

So, when we see a product like Affilorama which has been popular for the past 10 years and has tons of positive reviews, we know it has to be good and delivering on its claims.

The online marketplace is merciless and will rip a product apart with brutal reviews if it’s not up to the mark.

Affilorama has managed to avoid negative reviews and has received praise and positive reviews over and over again.

Let’s see why this program is such a hit in the marketing space…

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an affiliate marketer’s membership site, designed to help beginner to intermediate affiliates become successful by building simple websites.

It was founded by Mark Ling, himself a very successful affiliate marketer. When he created Affilorama, he had a plan to create an affiliate marketer’s ‘hub’ with all the video lessons, training guides and other resources that he wished were there for him when he started out.

What’s included?

It includes over 120 video lessons with actionable content on a range of subjects including SEO, PPC, site building, email marketing and more.

Members also get access to the Affilorama forum, one of the largest and most active affiliate forums on the internet – great for getting advice from your fellow affiliates.

Who is it aimed at?

It’s primarily designed for beginner internet marketers that need lessons aimed at brand new affiliates (such as the lesson “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”).

But it’s also got a lot of training for Intermediate internet marketers that want lessons on more advanced subjects, such as SEO, paid traffic and outsourcing.

So is it any good?

Let’s look at what I think is good about Affilorama – and also what’s bad.

The Good Points

  1. The systematic approach to the training places it way above the competition. It’s perfect for beginner marketers because it builds a strong marketing foundation from the ground up.
    So, few training programs do this. Shoddy infoproducts have content that’s all over the place with no real structure. This is counterproductive and causes information overload.
    Affilorama provides a solid step-by-step plan of action and structure for you to follow.
  2. The concepts are explained over 120 tutorial videos. Hardly ANY online marketing trainings are this comprehensive. This is the type of training that turns a beginner into a pro.
    120 videos are exactly what you need to master the fundamentals.
    You’ll learn:
    • What affiliate marketing is all about
    • How to discover profitable niches
    • Tips on researching the niche to ensure it’s profitable
    • Step-by-step instructions on creating a profitable affiliate website
    • How to use tools to accelerate your progress
    • Methods to bootstrap your online business, if you’re on a tight budget
    • And much more
  3. The official website is filled with positive testimonials from satisfied customers. This type of social proof cannot be attained without a good product. Affilorama is that good.
  4. If you’re skeptical, you get to test it out for free. Yes! Affilorama has a free level for newbie marketers to get a taste of all the good stuff inside.
    That should remove all objections on your end. Give it a test drive and see if you like what’s inside. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up staying a member for years.
  5. The program includes an active online marketing community with over 300,000 members. That’s amazing. You’ll be able to not only discuss tips and strategies, but the networking opportunities are priceless.
  6. Affilorama has a QuickStart guide and a downloadable roadmap that you can use to get a quick overview of things and also keep you on track. Extremely important… and very useful.
  7. Besides the main program, there are a bunch of excellent tools in the Affilotools package. You’ll need to pay a bit more to access these resources, but they’re worth every penny and will ramp up your productivity.
  8. The monthly subscription (for Affilorama Premium) is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose here. 2 months is more than enough time to master the concepts taught and apply them and start making money.
  9. You get instant access to Affilorama once you sign up for the free membership. There’s no waiting time or shipping time. You can get started right now.

And Now, The Bad Points

  1. This product has been around for the past 10 years. That’s a good thing because any product lasting this long is proof of how good it actually is. But there’s no denying that some parts of Affilorama are dated.
    This is to be expected because things online change really fast and the course is so massive that it’s always trying to catch up because of never-ending changes.
    The good news is that it’s mostly the ‘technology’ parts of the course that are slightly dated. The most important foundational lessons still apply and are just as relevant today as they were 10 years ago.
  2. To go from the free membership to Affilorama Premium, will require you to pay a monthly subscription fee. This might annoy some people who view it as yet another bill.
    But it is optional, and if you DO decide to get the premium upgrade and actually use the extra tools and apply what you’re taught, you’ll make enough money to cover your subscription – and more.
    And remember, even if you don’t get this upgrade, there is a ton of great stuff in the free version.

So Should You Get It?

If you’re new to online marketing and need to learn the ropes, Affilorama will guide you all the way. The training is comprehensive and leaves nothing to guesswork.
With the 120 tutorial videos, your learning curve will be short. You won’t need to go through hundreds of YouTube videos to glean the same insider information that Mark Ling gives you.

The fundamental principles of affiliate marketing are the same no matter how many years pass. The tech stuff may change, but the fundamentals never do.

And that’s exactly what Affilorama is all about.

It’s a training program that will give you a solid foundation to build your online marketing empire on

Money loves speed, and this will make a marketer out of you in no time at all.
So my advice? Sign up for your free membership of Affilorama today.

One last thing – from time to time you’ll be shown a trial offer on the Premium upgrade. If you are offered this when you join I strongly recommend you get it too, because the extra tools included will save you a LOT of money.

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